6 Ways to Get People to Say ‘Yes’ to Sales Messages

July 18, 2010 at 1:19 am (Uncategorized)

Always wondered how sales people managed to get you to say ‘yes’ to buying there product? Here are 6 ways that sales messages stick in your mind and make you say ‘yes’.

1. Reciprocation: a salesman offers you something for free. You then are almost forced to feel guilty and that you now owe the salesman. This urge to repay the salesman leads to you purchasing one of the products offered.

2. Commitment and Consistency: As human beings we are driven to remain consistent in our words, actions and attitudes. Salesmen have picked up on this and try to make you commit to something small, such as answering a questionnaire, and then they continue to build on this commitment and have ever increasing requests.

3. Social Proof: People are constantly looking for reassurance that buying the product or using the service is the best thing to do. Salesmen jump at this opportunity to show you lists of satisfied customers and photographs of happy customers using the product or service.

4. Liking: In order to make saying no almost impossible, like when a friend or family member tries to sell you Tupperware, Salesmen are forming relationships with their customers. They are personal and likable. They tell you a story of something you can relate to and use flattery.

5. Authority: People will always turn to experts before buying a product. Salesmen are providing customers with solid information about their expertise. Or they relate to the customer and show photographs with people who are of authority, to try and persuade the customers to buy the product from an expert.

6. Scarcity: The fear of losing out is more powerful then the hope of gain. Salesmen use this in that they give you a deadline or tell you how quick the product is selling out. This forces the consumer to feel pressured and that if they do not buy the product they are missing out on something that everyone is buying.



Rieck, D. Six Ways to Get People to Say “YES” [Online]. Available: http://www.copyblogger.com/get-to-yes/ (17 July 2010)


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